How real is reality?

Picture by Salvador Dali, taken from this site

If the reality of dreams and of the waking life is the same, does it mean that the waking life is as unreal as dreams are usually thought to be or dreams are as real as the walking life is thought to be or the reality all these realms is something in between?

2 thoughts on “How real is reality?

  1. I think the realities of the two in our past memories can be the same, and to some extent the realities of the “experience” of enjoyment or fear etc are the same while we are having them.

    The main difference lies in the EFFECTS of the two (waking/dream) upon our future lives.

    The dream I have of making beautiful love to a beautiful gal may be very “real” to me in my memory, and while I had the dream I may have experienced a happiness/pleasure that was not much different from that I would have had making love in the waking world…


    I’d know that in the waking world there would be consequences from that experience: the way her face would light up with a smile when she saw me the day after, or the loud sounds of our quintuplets all crying until we rocked them to sleep… both are consequences.

    But in the dream experience, we’d have had the feelings… with no consequences: she might still look at me as if I was dirty wallpaper, and we certainly would NOT be having quintuplets due to my dream no matter HOW wonderful the dream was!

    Sooooo… is it ok if we just look at the year 2020 and pretend it was all just a bit of a nasty dream?

    MJM, waving to Marcin…

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    • Hi Michael, thank you for your wise comment 🙂
      I would say, the consequences of dreams are very short-lasting (usually not longer than a dream itself) in comparison to the consequences of events from the waking life.

      2020 was indeed an extraordinarily oneiric year.


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