On the Fundamental Similarity Between Dreams and Walking Life

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Reality is what walking life and dreams have in common.


If I am the “external” cause of my dreamworlds, I am also the “external” cause of this world called my walking life.



Two Sources of Oneiric Personalism

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Oneiric Personalism has two sources: – intuition – the experience of the reality of dreams -, and speculation – reflections on the two “aspects” od the Absolute (God and the Self); therefore one of my biggest problems is how to unite these both sources into a metaphysical system. Is it possible at all to bridge this gap?



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Metametaphysics is even more fascinating than metaphysics:


My favorite metametaphysical question: is it reasonable to discuss about the whole world with some elements of it? Metaphysicians are these elements.

The interesting issue arises: could metametaphysics be pursued apart from metaphysical views of the people dealing with it? This question belongs to metametametaphysics.

Life is a Dream – a Chemical Metaphor


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Walking live could be called dreaming in a similar sense as the chemical transformation of – for instance – sodium reacting with chlorine could be called oxidation.

Dreams and walking life have one fundamental common feature: they all belong to the set (or more specifically: class) of changing worlds, which appear and dissapear for the Self (the pure, eternal, transcendental, absolute ego). This is the focal point of oneiric personalism. This feature is usually associated with dreams, so the aforementioned set could be called dreams (in a broader context), and the Self might be described as Dreamer.

Somewhat similarily, oxidation is a process of giving away electrons. All oxidants have one fundamental common feature:  they are electron acceptors. In fact, the presence of oxygen is not necessary, however, it is one of the most popular oxidants, so the name of the process has been derived from the name of this element.