A Beautiful Mosaic Depicting the Trinitarian Concept

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DeusGod, Pater, Fillius, Spiritus Sanctus (or Sanctus Spiritus) – the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, estis, non estis not.

The concept of one God in three persons is extremely fascinating – regardless of the problem of its truthfullness. In the past many of the greatest European intellectuals tried to explain it.

It is closely related to the one of the most fundamental philosophical questions: what does it mean to be?

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A Thought on the Value of Metaphysics

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Every metaphysical thesis is disputable, all of them could be the subject of discussion with others, i.a., because one can always ask: why? And any further explanation involves more and more words whose meaning are not clear.

Even if someone declares himself/herself a prophet or an enlightened being, so he/she claims that he/she could “perceive” reality in more or less undistorted way (it doesn’t matter whether he/she believes that this ability is his/her very own or given to him/her from an “outside source”), nevertheless, he/she is able to utter or write down only disputable sentences, trying to describe his/her experiences.


A Meeting – An Intriguing Lucid Dream

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I dreamed that I was in some house I had never seen before. I met an acquaintance of mine there. After a moment’s conversation, I realized this was but a dream, although the girl seemed to be just as real as in my waking life.

I told her that she was only a dream and that she’d soon disappear. She was astonished to hear that and suggested I touch her to see for myself that she was not a phantom. I tried to explain to her that it would prove nothing. The girl seemed more and more irritated by my words, and I felt really uncomfortable because of the peculiar situation.

Finally, I suggested that I would tell her a word that she did not know, saying that the next time we met, I would ask her about it. She agreed, albeit reluctantly, muttering under her breath that it was unnecessary but, if it would prove the realness of our conversation, we should do it. Unfortunately, I did not manage to tell her the word I planned because I awoke.

[Translated by Paulina Trudzik, the text has been slightly altered.]