Oneiric Personalism – a Short Dialogue about God and my Self

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I could imagine such a dialogue:

–  The world is my dream.

– You claim that the whole world is just a dream of Marcin Dolecki?

– No, it’s a dream of my real self.

– What then is your real self?

– It’s such an object which is not an object at all.

– I’m afraid, your words seem to be senseless.

– I’ll try to explain them. I’m not an object at all, therefore I cannot “see” myself directly, so I try to look at the mirror, and God is my perfect mirror, because my self and God have the same nature.

– So you claim to be God?!

– Marcin Dolecki is not God.

– You try to explain one unknown – the self – by other unknown – God? Isn’t it a quackery?

– I do not know.


Metaphysics definitely is not a piece of cake.


Oneiric Personalism and Science


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The statement: “the world is my dream” cannot be falsified, therefore it’s not a scientific thesis; nevertheless, scientific theses and natural phenomena could be seen and interpreted in a new, “oneiric” light.

The task of a philosopher might be rather to explain the possible metaphysical consequences of the statement “the world is my dream” than to search for its decisive proof. It can be “seen”, not proved.

How to Misuse Spiritual Awakening?

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Spiritual awakening is a powerful, life-changing experience, therefore it could also do severe harm to a person misusing it.

Awakening is not something that is passively taken (like a liquid filling a container); it’s always received by a human being, a person. Such experience is not the end of one’s spiritual journey, it’s just a new stage, and one could always go astray.

How then is it possible?

A person could doubt it severily, and therefore feel that he/she is being torn apart, or/and she/he could try to “sell” it, becoming a (dubious) spiritual celebrity, and thus have to deal with deep and damaging self-disgust.