The Soul as an Image of the Holy Trinity

Painting by Fridolin Leiber (from this site)

The concept of the Holy Trinity has fascinated me since my childhood. That’s why the protagonists of my novel meet, i.a, Augustine of Hippo, and talk with him about this mysterious issue:

“Do you agree that we have memory, understanding, and
will?”* Augustine asked.
“Of course, these are elements of our inner life.”
“Thus note that, in fact, these three differ from one another.
Yet, they do not cause division of the soul, as they do not constitute
three souls. They are part of one life. Two of these – memory
and understanding – serve us to understand things. The will, on
the other hand, allows us to use and enjoy them. These three are
interwoven: I remember that I have memory, understanding and
will; and I understand that I understand, remember and will; and
finally, I will that I will, remember and understand. Memory –
understood as a substance – does not differ from the soul, whereas
memory perceived as an activity of the soul remains in a relation
to it. The same is true about understanding and will, as both manifest
a certain relation to the soul. None of them is greater or lesser,
nor is any of them prior or subsequent. These three constitute
one being, one life, one soul and one substance, just as the three
divine persons are one God.”
“A very interesting analogy, indeed. Which of these powers
of the soul correspond to which divine persons?” Philip asked.
“Memory is to God the Father. Understanding, whose fruit
is the word, is to the Son of God. The will, whose fruit is love, is
to the Holy Spirit.”
(Marcin Dolecki, Philosopher’s Crystal)



A Difference Between a Dream and My Walking Life

Picture taken from this site

Some days ago I had an interesting dream (I don’t remember whether it was lucid or not): I took a sheet of paper, my fountain pen, and tried to write down some complicated issues concerning a literary theory; nevetheless I found that I wasn’t able to do it, words swirled through my mind, the letters became blurred, and I woke up due to rising confusion.

It could be done easier in my walking life.

On Inner Happiness

Picture taken from this site


What does it mean that happiness could be found within?

It means: I am able to realize that:

I own nothing;

I am (without any further explanations);

Nobody and nothing could hurt me;

All that happens in my life, is just a game – paradoxical and unpredictable as much as unreal.