History of Science – books

Znaczenie prac Ludwika Brunera (1871-1913) dla rozwoju chemii fizycznej (Significance of Works of Ludwik Bruner (1871-1913) for the Development of Physical Chemistry), “Monografie z dziejów nauki i techniki” (Monographies from the History of Science and Technology), v. CLVIII, ed. Stefan Zamecki, Warszawa 2009, summaries in English, German, and Russian. Published by Wydawnictwa IHN PAN (Institute for the History of Science PAS Press).

The extensive review of this book has been published by prof. Stefan Zamecki.

Bruner okładka

Historia badań radiacyjnych w Polsce (History of the Radiation Research in Poland), edited by Marcin Dolecki, Anna Trojanowska, Warszawa 2011, summaries in English. Hardcover edition. Published by Wydawnictwa IHN PAN in co-edition with Towarzystwo Naukowe Warszawskie (Warsaw Scientific Society) and Komitet Chemii PAN (Committee of Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences).

Grupa LOTOS S. A. has been the main partner of the Polish Academy of Sciences in celebration of  the International Year of Chemistry (2011) and the 100th Anniversary of Maria Skłodowska-Curie`s Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

I`m one of the co-authors of this book.

radiacja okładka

Back cover:


radiacja back cover


Polski wkład w przyrodoznawstwo i technikę. Słownik polskich i związanych z Polską odkrywców, wynalazców oraz pionierów nauk matematyczno-przyrodniczych i techniki (Polish Contribution to Science and TechnologyThe Dictionary of Polish and Poland-related Discoverers, Inventors, and Pioneers in Science and Technology – 4 volumes), edited by prof. Bolesław Orłowski. The joint work of more than 100 authors. I`m the author of 80 biographies of Polish chemists (co-author of 4).

The dictionary was published by IHN PAN and Instytut Pamięci Narodowej (The Institute of National Remembrance), Warszawa 2015. Hardcover edition.



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