Did Oneiric Personalism Contribute to Metaphysics?

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I have been working on my concept called oneiric personalism for almost ten years. Is it a valuable contribution to metaphysics? All I could claim in this regard is that I added a footnote to a statement expressed in Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus:

” 5.641. There is therefore really a sense in which in philosophy we can talk of a non psychological I. The I occurs in philosophy through the fact that the “world is my world”.
The philosophical I is not the man, not the human body or the human soul of which psychology treats, but the metaphysical subject, the limit—not a part of the world.” Source

My footnote: the world, which I experience, is my world – just like dreamworlds, which I experience, are my dreamworlds. If you wish to understand deeper the sentence: “the world is my world”, take closer a look at your dreamworlds.

It should be pointed out that Wittgenstein fiercely opposed the idea that one could be conscious in her/his dream; at most one could dream that she/he is conscious. Two days before his demise he noted: “”But even if in such cases I can’t be mistaken, isn’t it possible that I am drugged?” If I am and if the drug has taken away my consciousness, then I am not now really talking and thinking. I cannot seriously suppose that I am at this moment dreaming. Someone who, dreaming, says “I am dreaming”, even if he speaks audibly in doing so, is no more right than if he said in his dream “it is raining”, while it was in fact raining. Even if his dream were actually connected with the noise of the rain.” Source


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