The Translation of the Diploma Thesis of Ignacy Mościcki

Portret Ignacego Mościckiego

Source: wikimedia commons. Link.

I translated the diploma thesis of Ignacy Mościcki (1867-1946), Ueber die Einwirkung von Monochloressigsäure auf β-Naphtylamin [1890/91], from German into Polish (O działaniu kwasu monochlorooctowego na β-naftyloaminę; On the Effect of Monochloroacetic Acid on β-Naphthylamine).

Prof. Mościcki was the last prewar president of the Republic of Poland, and a famous chemist – he invented i.a. the method of nitric acid production from “air and water”.

This text – 17 handwritten pages – has been considered lost until recently. It was found accidentally a few years ago by prof. Bolesław Orłowski in Riga, where Mościcki had studied at the Polytechnic.

The translation was published in the monograph: Halina Lichocka, Ignacy Mościcki, Radom 2011, appendix, the manuscript in German: p. 286-302, the translation: p. 303-307.

Below: a page from the thesis (p. 292 from the aforementioned book):

tekst Mościckiego




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