When I was working as a chemistry teacher at the Miguel de Cervantes High School in Warsaw, I was interviewed in 2007 by two of my students: Maria Zaręba and Katarzyna Strzyga: Link

Some words of explanation: all teachers in Polish high schools are traditionally called professors.

I was also twice interviewed by Anna Sikorska, a philosopher and Polish philologist: Link Link 2

I was interviewed by Linda Hill, a popular American book blogger: Link

And by Joanna Roś – for the journal “Amor Fati” (in English, p. 15-23): Link

And by Trin Carl, a blogger from Minnesota: Link

Two conversations about Maria Skłodowska-Curie, physics and chemistry (Afternoon Tea with Philip and Leopold, Podwieczorek z Filipem i Leopoldem), a broadcast for children, Polish Radio: Link 1 Link2

Conversation with Joanna Pilatowicz: Metaphysical escape from the Matrix: with Marcin about the Absolute, grace, freedom, dreaming and happiness (in Polish): Link

I was interviewed by dr Maria P. Wiśniewska (Between dream and waking life, in Polish); Link

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