Oneiric Personalism – a Short Dialogue about God and my Self

Picture taken from this site

I could imagine such a dialogue:

–  The world is my dream.

– You claim that the whole world is just a dream of Marcin Dolecki?

– No, it’s a dream of my real self.

– What then is your real self?

– It’s such an object which is not an object at all.

– I’m afraid, your words seem to be senseless.

– I’ll try to explain them. I’m not an object at all, therefore I cannot “see” myself directly, so I try to look at the mirror, and God is my perfect mirror, because my self and God have the same nature.

– So you claim to be God?!

– Marcin Dolecki is not God.

– You try to explain one unknown – the self – by other unknown – God? Isn’t it a quackery?

– I do not know.


Metaphysics definitely is not a piece of cake.

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