Oneiric Personalism and the Existence of God

Picture taken from this site

Any attempt to prove the existence of God is pointless, because if God exists, Its existence will be a precondition of proving anything (since it will be a final precondition of all phenomena), therefore any proof would be a misunderstanding; if God doesn’t exist, any proof will be futile.

According to oneiric personalism, the existence of God is as obvious as the existence of my Self (the Dreamer of the world), because God and the Self are two aspects of the Absolute. I cannot prove it, I can only encourage others: try to “see” it for yourself.

God is neither personal nor non-personal, neither this nor that, God just Is.

An attempt to define being is a misunderstanding, because existence is a precondition of defining anything.

Nevertheless, the existence of God has no ethical consequences.

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