A Letter from the Office of the President of Poland



I received a kind letter from the Chief of the Office of the Presidential Cabinet. I sent both versions of my novel: Polish (Jeden z możliwych światów) and American (Philosopher’s Crystal), to dr Andrzej Duda, the President of Poland – with dedications (quotes from St. Augustine and Wittgenstein).

The aim of this philosophical novel is to promote independent and critical thinking.
According to this letter, my books are now in the personal presidential library.
The President already had a book of my co-authorship: a dictionary of Polish discoverers and inventors. I wrote 80 biographies of chemists. Prof. Bolesław Orłowski (editor), gave him a copy and delivered a short lecture about this work in the Presidential Palace.

My political views were not the reason for sending the books to the President, because I do not sympathize with any of the Polish political parties.

I still believe that our President – sooner or later – will oppose the politics of dangerous appropriation of Poland by the ruling party, I hope he will do something really unexpected, he is able to do it. The fighting carried by dr Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of the ruling party, cannot be won in a further perspective, because it is fueled by hate, fear and his excessive ambition, so it only hinders the necessary reforms in our country.


7 thoughts on “A Letter from the Office of the President of Poland

  1. VERY nicely done Marcin! Congratulations! Heh, now if I could just get the various governmental dodos around the world to read Dissecting Antismokers’ Brains! :> Ahhh welll…

    Keep in writin’ ‘n keep on fightin’ Marcin!


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    • Michael, thank you 🙂

      We both promote independent thinking 🙂

      I also sent a hard copy to Richard Dawkins, with a dedication “to neither a friend nor an enemy”, because I discuss with his thesis that the probability of God’s existence is very small. As you know, I tried to step aside from both viewpoints: theistic and atheistic).
      Michael, thank you once more that you helped to edit this book 🙂


  2. The news story is a little hard to follow for some reason, but I think I understand at least part of what it’s saying. The lower court judges will be appointed.

    But I am unclear on the Judiciary Council that nominates justices for the Supreme Court? How were those people selected in the past? By a popular vote?

    And how long do Supreme Court judges stay judges? Till death? or do they have to be renominated and then voted on again every few years?

    Here in the US, lower court judges are decided by popular vote. Supreme Court judges are nominated by the President and then have to be approved by Congress. If the President is of one party and the Congress is controlled by a majority of the opposite party then the process can take months or even years as Congress can keep rejecting the nominees that the President puts up.

    – MJM

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  3. Michael, thank you for the comment 🙂
    In Poland most members of the Judiciary Council (15/25) are chosen by judges themselves.
    The First Chairman of the Supreme Court, along with other chairmans, are elected by the President for 6-year term.
    The problem, i.a., was that Polish Minister of Justice tried to dismiss (unconstitutional) the First Chairman from the office and also other judges of the Supreme Court, and leave only those people who would be accepted by the ruling party. The Supreme Court declares validity of elections, so Jarosław Kaczyński, the Leader od the governing party – PiS (Law and Justice) – and persons appointed by him, could stay in power indefinitely; that was a real possibility. The President decided to veto the bill concerning the Supreme Court, and the bill concerning the changes in the Judiciary Council.

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