The Metaphysical Playground

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There are two self-contradictory statements at the very core of metaphysical considerations:

God is such an object which is not an object at all.

I am such an object which is not an object at all.

Every sentence could be derived from a self-contradictory sentence (the Duns Scotus law).

A metaphysician is someone who tries to play with the Absolute (God and the self are two of Its aspects), using a language, without touching the center of this playground (*).

Good luck then!

(*) I’m doing the same right now, because I’m trying to say something meaningful about these issues.



2 thoughts on “The Metaphysical Playground

  1. What about Kant’s take on this topie? Do you think is it possible to deal the metaphys subject matter without even leaving a trace of how Kant influenced e. g. the language / terms or categories in which he reformulated ages old philosoph-ical problems?

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    • It is impossible to find God and “I” among elements of the World, but – as I believe – it is possible to experience them (but their existence cannot be proven in any way, because it is at the very core of all proofs).
      Kantian perspective was mostly intellectual, he was looking for reasonable proofs of God’s existence and the existence of souls; perhaps his things-in-themselves, were, i.a., God and “I”, but it couldn’t be known (because none of them could be known), however he didn’t exclude a religious experience.


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