Oneiric Personalism and Its Two Principles

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I consider my life to be just a dream – nevertheless more consistent, and more lasting than my other dreams.

My philosophical interpretation of this very old metaphor is called oneiric personalism because I dream I`m a person.


A person:

1. can experience that they are elements of the world, and they can act on that basis, engaging intellect, will and emotions;

2. (and) can experience that the world is related to them – the world is “theirs” -, and they can act on that basis, engaging intellect, will and emotions;

3. (and) can have a problem with defining the very word: person – when they strive to give such a definition.


Two ontological principles of oneiric personalism:

The principle of illusion: as Dreamer I am more real than the person I dream I am.

The principle of interaction: all persons who appear in my dream are just as real as the person I dream I am.

5 thoughts on “Oneiric Personalism and Its Two Principles

  1. Marcin, I’ve always felt that the most important thing is to work your best toward having yourself and the people around you be as happy as they can be in a dream or in a dream about a dream or in a space-time-continual-reality-matrix!


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