On the Royal Viewpoint in Philosophy

Painting taken from this site.

There is no royal viewpoint in philosophy, from which one would be able to assess unmistakenly the value of – for example – metaphysical concepts. No one could take the privileged position – like monarchs from the past who used to overlook battles from the top of a hill.

The cultural background of any thinker, regardless of the epoch they live(d) in, languages they use(d), their life experiences, and physical limitations, are reasons that philosophizing was, is, and will remain more or less conditioned.

Even realizing this very fact is not of much help to philosophers. (Un)fortunately for the rest of the society.

2 thoughts on “On the Royal Viewpoint in Philosophy

  1. While this does not address the serious thoughts around philosophers, I thought you might appreciate a humorous response for those who insist upon using the word “We” when they really should be using the word “I”

    Person A: “We believe that it would be best….”

    Person B: ” ‘We’? Are your royalty? Or do you have worms?”

    alternative B: ” ‘We”? You got a frog in your pocket?”


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  2. Pluralis maiestatis almost always seems funny to me – when used in philosophical deliberations 😀
    A similar joke: one woman said: “I`ve felt so lonely since an exorcist had expelled a demon from me.”


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