The Buddha and the Bodhi Tree

Picture taken from this site.

For many years prince Siddhartha Gautama was trying to understand how to avoid suffering.

One day he decided to stay under a bodhi tree untill he would find what he was looking for.

And what happened there?

Only Siddhartha knew this, but perhaps he just relaxed, and then realized that his powerful, excruciating desire for enlightenment was the obstacle which kept him from achieving his goal. He managed to see his life from “the outside”, and understood how powerful was this chain of causes and effects in the case of his strivings, all his previous extreme ascetic practices – just like other chains of desire and suffering.

He stayed beyond the chain, merely observed it, beyond his empirical ego, so his desires faded away. He became free.

And maybe the whole story was quite different.

Picture taken from this site

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