Are Philosophers Good in Bed?

A painting by Tamara Łempicka (Tamara de Lempicka), taken from this site.

Some questions for consideration:

If a philosopher remains in her/his bed, even for hours, attracted by the sublime desire to gain knowledge, driven by the passionate love of the truth, considering issues she/he finds the most interesting, would it be then reasonable to admit that she/he is working, or perhaps it`s nothing more than just laziness?

If a thinker clearly prefers a contemplative life, could an original and important philosophical theory be born this way? Or maybe an active life, gathering of various kinds of experience is essential for such an act of creativity?

2 thoughts on “Are Philosophers Good in Bed?

  1. I know that I have *often* found some of my most creative and valuable thoughts appearing just as I’m in that twilight stage of mental relaxation that comes as you relax for a nap. ::sigh:: There’s always the conflict then of whether to rouse yourself enough to note them down or to trust that you’ll be able to call them up again without prompt once you’ve awakened.

    I sometimes worry that I find myself “writing emails” as I’m drifting off to sleep and may simply “remember” that I’ve “already written” those emails in real life since I actually mentally finish the process by signing my name and hitting a mental SEND button!


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  2. Michael, you are so right! 🙂
    This is also a question of proportion: is there the most crucial element? Experience or reflection?
    What fascinates me, is the fact that many great religious leaders needed a lot of solitude: for example Buddha under the famous bodhi tree (and this was only the final stage of his long spiritual path), or Jesus in the desert, The time spent on meditation and prayer in harsh conditions was the essential condition of their gigantic spiritual strength, but the most people who love to spend their time in solitude won`t be able to influence many others, far less many millions of humans.


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