I`m looking for a Publisher: an Important Update

Picture taken from the blog: boy with a hat.

I described my situation in one of the previous posts.

My novel, A World Likely to Happen, is being edited by Michael J. McFadden, an American author (he published the books: Dissecting Antismokers` Brains, and TobakkoNacht. The Antismoking Endgame). Here are the covers.

I would sincerely like to thank Paulina Trudzik for her amazing translation job and Michael who is doing astonishing work as a native editor.

As we are heading towards the end, I would like to write down some reflections on the art of translation:

The method for preparing the final version when the translator`s native language is the same as the author`s, and then the text is edited by a skilled native speaker, works very well in this case.

I think, there is no such thing as the only right translation (especially of a book), it could be rather the very large set of the equally or almost equally good versions.

This thesis might seem somewhat controversial, but I think that in many fragments some other words and expressions could be used with just the same good effect.

I had a possibility to participate in the whole process of translation and edition, so I do consider the English text rather the other version of my novel than just a translation, especially in case when essential changes were made, i.a. in the prologue. I would not give the priority neither to the Polish text nor to the English one.

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