On the Theseus`s Paradox of Identity

Theseus before entering the labyrinth. Photo taken from this site, by MachiavelliCro.

The paradox was described by Plutarch in the first century CE. He told the story that the ship of Theseus, on which the hero had (supposedly) returned from Crete with the youth of Athens, was preserved by Athenians, but they gradually replaced old, decaying parts of it with a new ones – to the very point when all of them were substituted.

This situation raises an important metaphysical question of identity: was the renovated vessel still the same entity as the original ship of Theseus?

I think yes, because this name was applicable to the object at any given moment of the restoration process before the removing of the last original plank, so even the ultimate but nonetheless slight modification didn`t change the object`s identity.

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