Lost in the Dark: a Dream

Picture taken from this site

I was in Ukraine with my bike, traveling through an unknown, thick forest. When the night fell, I got off the bike and walked carefully. I met no one there, and I heard nothing. At some point I lost my vehicle, and all the luggage attached to it: documents, money, clothes etc. I didn`t have literally anything. Moreover, I couldn`t even see my body in the dark. I got scared by that, but then I realized:

“I don`t know if I`m actually dreaming or not, but it`s not important, for all changing worlds are only dreams of some kind. Even in this situation, when I have nothing to lose anymore, I`m safe, because I`m in the presence of the Absolute, so no one is able to really hurt me here”.

I felt I was fully encompassed by that peaceful darkness. That was very powerful experience of absolute stillness.

Surprisingly, I found a way out of the forest, reached a small, scarcely illuminated town, and came across an old man in one of the randomly chosen apartments. He was astonished and embarassed at first, but finally agreed to help me.

Then I woke up.

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