How to shoot an animal properly?

Dear Hunters!

If you kill other living creatures for pleasure, you kill also a part of yourselves: your ability to feel compassion. One of the greatest, most devastating punishments for a bad deed is a stronger inclination to commit another in the future, as a wise man once said. This damage is almost always irreversible, and the lost part of your inner life would be propably replaced by the ability to behave like a hypocrite. You would not be eager to admit openly that you like killing, instead you would be, for example, talking about “the necessary regulation of nature”. It must be weary in a long term perspective, indeed.

Even if you obey the rules, The Code of the Hunter, it doesn`t mean you are ok, for your “passion” is not creation but destruction. Moreover, unlike creative people, you only follow the behaviour of others. It`s not quite ambitious, is it?

You could say, you wish to have a contact with nature, but for an animal it`s not a natural situation when it is being killed by an artificially made weapons. Living organisms developed amazing defense mechanisms in the course of evolution, but – unfortunately – not against bullets.

The proper way to shoot an animal for pleasure is with a camera. You are able to do this many times, while aiming at one creature.

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