Could an Enlightened Person Be a Scoundrel?

stone table

Photo taken in 2015.

I`m writing about this issue because some years ago I experienced something beautiful and deep, namely I realized how dreamworlds are real, thus similar to the world commonly called “the walking life” (not the other way round). It just happened to me when I missed someone very badly, and I met this person in a lucid dream. There was definitely nothing miraculous about that, although this experience gravely astonished me, even shocked. For the next few days all seemed to be so different from that I had known. The physical world appeared to me as just a veil of some kind. I had never taken the concept ‘life is but a dream’ seriously before. As a philosopher I started to consider its metaphysical consequences.

Since that moment on, I`ve had a need for solitude, and I`ve sought texts concerning spiritual enlightenment, but I`ve been growing tired of reading about certain aspect of this experience. Most authors – with charming smiles – write almost univocally how enlightened people became full of love, compassion and positive feelings in general. It often seems more like an advertisement of some spiritual services (“You also might become just like me”) than an account of personal experience. But I understand this is quite necessary in order to sell one`s own story (when one intends to do it), and to make a living from it. Enlightenment could also be turned into business as almost everything else, this is not a great discovery of mine. Nevertheless, it`s worth to emphasize that something very important is usually lost in these situations, because such teachers need to find a compromise between his/her own knowledge and the expectations of his/her students (read: also job givers). Besides, many of “masters” are no more than just scammers, like in any other business.

I`m not going to deny the well-known fact that a lot of people who considered or consider themselves enlightened, could be called without exaggeration the embodiment of goodness, and a great deal of them are truly and fully selfness.

Nonetheless, when someone realized who she/he really is (*), that person is not obliged to perform any particular acts toward others; she/he could, theoretically, also behave “immoral” as well as “moral”. It`s not imposible for an enlightened person to become scoundrel, but she/he remains detatched from the world, and does not have overwhelming desires to gain anything from anybody, or to impress anybody.

(*) I will try to explain, what does it mean for me, although it`s hard. I`ll use a metaphor. There are two sentences: “the whole world is mine” (which seems awkward), and: “my whole world is mine” (which seems obvious). If life is just a game of some kind, these statements determine the borders of this peculiar play yard. The main goal of this game is to understand what does “to exist” mean – in the situation when one plays with nothingness as the only partner. Nothingness doesn`t exists, and – paradoxically – that`s the crucial precondition for the game to be possible at all.

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