One Night in Bucharest: a Lucid Dream

Photo taken from this site:

One night I found myself in Bucharest with a bike. After a while I realized I was dreaming. I decided to explore that magnificent city (when I was 24, I traveled alone from Cracow to the capital of Romania on my bike).

I reached a small square. A group of young men approached me. One of them brought out a knife. I thought, he couldn`t really hurt me in a dream, nevertheless, I became anxious. He attacked me. I tried to block the blow, and he cut my hand. Much to my suprise, I felt pain. I thought to myself once again that it was but a dream. I knew that, he did not, so I had an advantage in the fight. I hit him a few times on the chin. He and his companions fled from the square.

Let the fun begin!

I climbed the high and slippery slope of a railway bridge. Just after that I saw lights of an approaching train. I was a liitle bit afraid at first, but I jumped off and got inside through the broken windscreen of the locomotive. Luckily, I felt no pain at all. In one of the compartments I met a group of laughing persons, probably students. I told them: “Let`s make this even more fun. I tell you something”. They looked at me curiously. “I`m just dreaming all of you”. They only burst into laughter again. I quickly found this conversation somewhat boring, so I leaved them, and jumped out of the train.

When I was standing on a railway embankment, I felt that something started to fly very quickly around me. The word “something” is not quite proper here, because it appeared rather as a “black hole” in the world, a blot of nothingness.

The fun was over.

I was convinced that no one and nothing in that dreamworld could hurt me, but IT didn`t belong there, IT didn`t belong to any world I knew. I got scared, so I jumped off the embankment in order to wake up, but I have been almost sure that we would meet again in different circumstances.

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