Who Is a Mystic?

A mystic is the one who understands the word being.

Mystics find it pretty hard to communicate with other people about those experiences, because the very word being is inexplicable, for one has to be in order to explicate anything else.

The mystic is aware of the fact that she/he will remain alone with the most important “thing” in life, but she/he is actually never lonely – a tremendous paradox of existence.

Mysticism is often and mistakenly associated with fabulous, miraculous visions. This happens because some mystics use images when they talk about their knowledge.

The mystic could also be areligious.

2 thoughts on “Who Is a Mystic?

  1. One could show magnificent pictures while taking about mysticism, for example:
    Krishna and Arjuna:

    St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila:

    These are just artistic renderings of the experience of The Unspeakable, therefore they are neither true nor false.
    The Unspeakable shines through every single grain of sand even more than through these pictures.


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