Metaphysicizing Words

The world is a creation of the Absolute. One ought to realize that God is infinitely superior to him or her – the approach popular in the West.

The world is a dream of the Absolute. One ought to realize that he or she is divine – the approach popular in the East.

These statements seem to be contradictory. Do they have something in common?

These are just metaphors; therefore they are neither true nor false, but could merely be more or less appealing, charming.

THE most different from me is THE most close to me.

THE only one.

THE paradoxal.


4 thoughts on “Metaphysicizing Words

  1. Beobrigitte, it could be very true “that passage of time does not exist”:
    St. Augustine maintained that the past exists only in memories, and the future – only in expectations. It is the present, which is “fully” real. This ancient concept is still of a great value as inspiration.

    Regarding the soul as a part of God, is also a metaphor which involves spatial determination. Nevertheless, it would be difficult to avoid it (people often talk about being “close to God”, “deep feelings toward God”, etc.)

    Even if I, my soul, the self, would be God which dreams the whole world, the person I am in this dream, would be very different from God (for instance, God rather does not make grammatical errors 🙂
    One could think this point of view reflects the utmost haughtiness of the person writing such words, but, after all, I could dream I am one of the most miserable humans that have ever existed on this planet.

    I might also dream that I`m an animal (and act as one of it), and I still could be of divine nature. Here is no contradiction at all.

    The thought: God created souls as the offspring of him (in the sense: his “parts”) has also a lot of appeal – but just as a metaphor.

    The self, observer of the whole world, is not a thing that could ever be observed.
    Paradoxal is that even above I have written about the self as if the self be a thing.
    Maybe then only silence remains? 🙂

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